Friday, November 2, 2012

How about a quickie?

Update, you perv hehe. Anyway, bit of good news, I've got my 10 references, my job/address history for past 3 years, my tax forms from this past year, my valid GA driver's license, my proof of residency... Oh wait, why do I need all these things you might be asking yourself. Why is KTFX rambling on and on with her list? Because FINALLY if things go right, I'll be driving into Sandy Plains, GA with Sev's car, and driving into Canton, GA with a car of my own!

I got desperate, since the alternator on Sev's car is trying to crap out on me, so I just went online one night and murdered as many auto loan application pages as I could, and someone actually responded and verified all the info I put in, let me know I was approved, I just have to bring in all the above info (along with updated bank statements that I'll be getting on my way to my appointment) and see what they have for me. I can't guarantee they'll have anything I actually want, or can afford, but one can hope. But I will definitely keep you all posted as to what happens when I get home. I actually took one of my days off to do this instead of just doing OT today.

Honestly I think I might go in for a bit of OT tonight to make up for me not feeling good and the car not starting on Tuesday. But tomorrow I know for sure I'm pulling 8a-8p again. I'm doing it all next week too, and pulling 8a-8p on Fri and Sat if I'm feeling up for it. At least it's better than the 11a-11p I was doing. It's so much easier for me to come in ahead of my shift than it is to stay after. I don't know why, it just is. At least this way I get home at a decent hour instead of, "Okay, I'm home, eat, bed." Now I can actually hang out with Brian, Shaun, and Sev...

I sort of had a revelation about Sev the other day. Those of you who know me, well, you know me, those of you who don't know me but are nice enough to check my blog updates anyway, I'm very selective over who I actually allow to be a part of my life. I don't just allow anyone to be involved. If I feel like someone is being forced into my circle, I get some major issues about it. Sev was essentially forced into my circle. But the thing is, right now, I have a family. As dysfunctional as we may be, we are family. Me, Shaun and Brian, but there's this other person, who only recently came into my life as of this past November (holy fork in a toaster batman, I need to bring November up again in a minute!) and he has oddly enough become a part of my life.

Now don't get me wrong, we still sometimes don't get along, but you know what? He is part of our little dysfunctional family. With how well we do but don't get along, and how he came to be in my life, I'd still rank him as step-child that I'm still getting used to, but there's no doubt that somehow he's become a part of my little close-knit family.

So yeah, November.... It is so hard for me to believe this, but I have been here for a few days over a year now. I first got here 10-30-11 and now here it is, 11-2-12... You know, in 28 days (AWESOME MOVIE) I'll have been with Alorica for a full year? Granted it was Ryla when I first started, but it's still the same company just with a different name basically lol. Anyway, it just amazes me that a month to the day of me coming up here I got a job that's kept me here this whole time. It has it's ups and downs, but you know what? I love it... It's no 7-Eleven, but I still love it. But I won't lie, if I got an offer to work at a 7-Eleven, if they had them up here, you know I would go right back to it?

I honestly had not planned on leaving there until I was good and ready to myself? And that's where I need to stop, because as sad as this is to say, I can't do it anymore. I can't talk about that place. I actually have a slight form of PTSD from that place. I can't mention it without my emotions suddenly escalating, my hands getting a slight shake... So I need to stop and move on... I do need to see a shrink.

But another bit of good news, Brian's cousin is going to help us with the whole car thing since I'll be letting Brian use the car anytime he needs. Especially since he'll be getting his unemployment soon and he'll be able to help out with gas and whatnot until he is able to find a job.

Shaun's working on getting his SSI, he finally managed to find a lawyer! He's got a call he's going to be making with the guy today but he actually got the wheel to turn a little bit in his favor. Let's hope we can get the wheel spinning!

Well... That didn't end up being as quick as I thought it would be, it just kind of rolled on out of there, now didn't it?  lol On that note, I'm going to go distract myself since I'm getting nervous as it comes closer. Or maybe it's me being anxious about possible great news ^_^ Either way, I'll talk to you all later.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

7 months...

Has it really been 7 months since my last post on here? It most certainly has... Jesus... Then again with everything that's been going on it's just been hard as it is to get on a computer. My schedule has been all kinds of crazy lately so I'm going to do my best to get you guys up to speed on what's been going on.

Where to begin? That's a very good question. Let's start off with work...

I'm no longer on Stephon's team, I'm on the team of this guy, Ken, who is just the biggest roaring d-bag I have ever met in my life. One of the worst supervisor's I've had, and those of you who know me well, no for a fact I have had some crappy supervisors in my past. I don't know how I've tolerated being with all of these idiots. I really don't. This guy... No matter how good my numbers are, how many rules I follow, I keep getting my chops busted for stuff I can't help. For example, if I did everything I could for a customer and still they weren't happy because of something company policy, not my own choice, prevented me from doing, and they failed me based on that, somehow he turns it on me! "Oh, you could have done this", "you could have put it this way", "why didn't you do this?" But none of the things that he's asking me could have actually been done. He has NEVER been on the phone himself except for when he takes the escalations we have to bring him when a customer says they want to talk to a supervisor.

I have asked to be on another team, because there was a 2 months period as to when my numbers and stats were suffering horribly. Now, the last post back in March, said that I needed to get my stats up. Shortly after that I actually got to the point where I had the best stats on my team, over everyone. Stephon, my sup at the time, Vernon, our AD, and other sups were impressed. I got mentions all the time, so now it was a big shocker, even to me when suddenly, my numbers go from being where they should, in the 3-400 area, then shooting up to being in the 6-700 area. That means my calls go from averaging out to about 7 min a call to being 12-13 min a call. My hold time and call work time all went up, my numbers were just flat out suffering and I told HR I already knew the cause, my morale as way down from having a tyrant as a supervisor. I work better under positive interaction rather than negative.

I get enough negative interaction from my customers as it is, but when I do my best at making customers happy and all you can do is treat me like crap and make me doubt even my own capabilities I'm not going to be able to give you good numbers and you know what? It also affects how well I handle my customers. So when I go to HR and ask nicely to put me on a different team so I can better my numbers and morale again, they tell me it would only be putting a bandage on the situation, it wouldn't fix the fact they have a sup who isn't doing good. At that point, when your problem is your sup, how does that make it my fault? And they never even spoke to him. The good news is that my numbers are back up, they're actually pretty perfect right now and that makes me happy as hell. I'm still on Ken's team, but it's a lot easier to tolerate him, because of Tyrek, and sometimes, Ana.

Tyrek... He's an okay guy, and I was genuinely interested in him as well, but the problem is, he's the type of Baptist that doesn't believe there could be anything else I'm an Agnostic who believes tat if there SHOULD BE something, then it's the same belief structure as the Greeks, Gods for different purposes that don't directly interact/interfere, but are there to observe and control certain aspects around us. Him and I actually got into a religious debate when I told him I didn't want to talk about it. I begged him to stop and he pushed it, saying he was open-minded, then the minute I started talking about it, "No, that's wrong." I didn't tell him his beliefs as a Baptist are wrong, I just told him directly I don't believe as he does, I have my own and he can have his, and we just won't push them on each other. But now suddenly because I don't believe like him, I worship the devil. His words, not mine. But usually, there's a playful banter between us and we cheer each other up to get through the day. He makes it easier to get through the day.

Ana... We're actually on a see-saw where one day we are friends, another day we're not, but it's because of how she is. We're not going to go far into her because I want to stay in my good mood, rare these days, but I will say this... One of the things she does that causes that see-saw is this. We have chairs that raise up and down based on what we want them to be at. I keep mine up all the way since it's comfortable for me and she likes to go behind me when I'm not paying attention and dropping the chair level so it drops. But when it drops it has 2 jerks, one at the start and one at the end, which both jar my back and mess it up each time. I've told her it hurts me and she just laughs it off as if I'm playing around with her. So imagine having that happen 4-5 times a day and ask yourself why I have trouble wanting to be an actual friend with her.

Moving on to other information.

We're still living with Ch...Um, yeah... We're still in the apartment, but Chris Jr. actually just moved today, headed up to ND to be with his friend and go to college for Paleontology. I'm happy for him, but I need to find a way to pay the rent on the apartment which brings us to another couple of quick side notes before moving on to the newest topic. April and Jayden are back in Florida, Xan no longer lives with us either, he left not long before she did, and Sev is still on the couch.

Brian... I've known Brian for 7 years now and that boy is VERY reliable and dependable, when he has a job he has a job. So he actually just moved up today and he's going to work on getting a job where I am so he can help out with things. I'm glad for a good friend like him. Friend wise I can trust him til the end of my days. He's never messed me over as a friend, never stolen from me, I've caught a couple of lies but the ones they were, were completely excusable, and he's always been there for me emotionally anytime I needed him. That's all that matters. But he's here now and we're (Shaun, myself and Brian) at the library so I can update this blog and catch you all up to speed.

Rayne, I know you check in from to time but I'm sending you an email when I get done with this.

Until later you guys, and everyone, take care.